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Financing Statement (UCC) Filings

This page has information and links related to the revised Article 9. For questions not answered on these pages, call our Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) division at (410) 767-1459. (If you are in Maryland but outside the Baltimore area, you may call 1-888-246-5941 and select options 1, then 2, then 1.)

Record Searches: Unlike many other states, the Department of Assessments and Taxation does not search records. View a listings of private companies that will search UCC filings.

Rejection of Filings: Reasons for refusing a UCC record presented for filing

Statutes and Regulations: The statutory basis for these regulations is Section § 9-101 (Title 9), Commercial Law, Annotated Code of Maryland.

Please use the online Maryland Code to view the most recent updates to § 9-101 (Title 9) and other MD Statutes.

§ 9-101 (Title 9)- Secured Transactions
Subtitle 1 - General Provisions
Subtitle 2 - Effectiveness of Security Agreement; Attachment of Security Agreement; Rights of Parties to Security Agreement
Subtitle 3 - Perfection and Priority
Subtitle 4 - Rights of Third Parties
Subtitle 5 - Filing
Subtitle 6 - Default
Subtitle 7 - Transition

(COMAR Online) Regulations; search for Title 18 UCC Filing Statement Regulations

Fradulent Filings
NOTE: Due to the fact that the laws governing the formation and operation of business entities and the effectiveness of a UCC Financing Statement involves more than filing documents with our office, we suggest you consult an attorney, accountant or other professional.