Prince George's County Homestead Tax Credit Percentage Correction for 2018 Reassessment Notices​​

​Last October, Prince George's County changed their Homestead Tax Credit percentage from 1% to 2%. That change was not reflected in the reassessment notices our Department sent out to some Prince George's County homeowners earlier this month.

If you don't know whether this change should have been reflected in your Prince George's County assessment notice, please compare your notice with the attached picture. If the language in the yellow box is on your notice, then the value in the blue box may increase slightly when you receive your tax bill in July, 2018. If the language in the yellow box does not appear on your notice, then the value in the blue box is correct.

The Homestead Tax Credit percentage is set by each county, and limits the amount your taxable assessment can increase each year. Counties use these assessments to determine tax bills, which will be issued in July, 2018 and will reflect accurate and final values.

If you have any questions, please contact our local Prince George's County office at or (301) 952-2500. For more information about the Homestead Tax Credit generally, go to​.

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